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Starting Advocates Quest

Advocates Quest was created by a mom with a daughter with special needs. Kelly Cole has learned that to make sure that if her child, Robyn got everything she needed, Kelly would have to seek it out and fight for it. Kelly was always on a quest to find out more and do more for her daughter. It was in her quest to provide for her child that she met and talked with many parents of children with special needs.

Kelly noticed even though many of the children did not have the same difficulties or diagnosis, the parents had all become advocates. These parents, these Advocates all wanted to find answers and assistance. Kelly created this web site with the idea of helping advocates find information and connecting them to other advocates.'

If your loved one has a disability and you want to share, connect or just browse you are more than welcome too. Just remember someone else may benefit from your experience.

You are an Advocate if: 

  • You have to attend yearly meetings at your child's school with five or six people looking at you for acceptance of their ideas. 
  • You have to plan outings to places that would not be too difficult for your child because some places just don't understand "special needs" 
  • You have to call doctors on a continual basis asking for updated prescriptions
  • You have a service coordinator
  • You set up a website to help other people know they are not alone 
  • You worry about what happens to your loved one when you die
  • You become a parent, child, friend, teacher or relative of a person with a disability.

    The definition of Advocate: somebody who acts or intercedes on behalf of another
    Quest: a search for something, especially a long or difficult one
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Robyn at Lake Placid

Robyn at Lake Placid, NY  Sept, 2009 - Ausable Creek